South Africa country profile

Based on the layout of its astronomical, South Africa is located at 22 ° 30 ‘ LS-35 ° s and 17 ° 30 ‘ E LONGITUDE 32 ° 30 ‘ South Africa BT. Geographically located at the southern tip of the African continent.

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A. The State Of Nature

Most areas of South Africa is made up of mountains with altitudes of 900-1,800 meters above sea level. The highest peaks in the Drakensberg Mountains, namely Mount Ntlenyana (3,482 m).

In Africa, there are three types of rivers. Some rivers, like the river flowing in the area, the Orage plateau and down to the coast through Waterfalls and Gorges. Other rivers, such as the Tugela River, the river Kei Besar and the river flowing, Large Vis along the cliff’s edge mountains and empties into the sea through a Groove after the short and steep. The type of the third River, like the Gamtoos River and originates in the Gourits, the cliff’s edge mountains, and flows through the mountains of the Cape before it rises to the sea.

B. Climate

In the winter the air in South Africa is not too cold, and in the summer the air is not too hot. Precipitation South Africa affected by wind Southeast pasat originating from the Indian Ocean.

In South Africa, the rainy season occurs in the months of June, July, and August. The most rainfall occurring in the East Coast (average 2,250 mm per year). At least annual precipitation totals area is an area of the West Coast (an average of 125 mm per year).

C. Culture

Some of the inhabitants of South Africa, especially the people of the hinterland, has a standard of living adequate low. With the influx of Western Nations, the cultural patterns of the Nations of the South are experiencing changes in Africa all fields.

D. Economy

I) Agriculture
Agriculture South Africa organized by many residents. Agricultural regions of South Africa are the Highveld, South West Cape, Eastern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal. South Africa main crop is grapes, tea, coffee, tobacco, corn, wheat, sorghum, and sugar. Fruits, especially grapes, being South Africa export commodities.

2) Farms
Many farm businesses reached the population. The types of animals are cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs.

3) Mining
The region of South Africa including the countries of the rich results of mine. South Africa mining goods include Gold, Platinum, iron ore, copper, chrome, coal, asbestos, aluminum, and uranium. There is a gold mine on the Witwatersrand. Production of the mine was the largest in the world.

There are diamond mines in Kimberley. There are uranium and silver mine in Johannesburg and Vereeniging. Mine lead, chrome, and zinc contained in Witbank and Metal. There is a copper mine in Dokiep. Manganese mine in Postmasburg.

4) industry
South Africa industry sectors are experiencing rapid development, especially the chemical industry, steel, and machinery. South Africa there is a heavy industrial center in Johannesburg. There is fish canning industry in Cape Town.

5) trading
South Africa a lot of exporting gold, metals, diamonds, tobacco, wool, and wine. South Africa imports are grain, machines and tools, transport and chemicals

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E. Population

The population of South Africa is made up of four races, namely the black people (Bantu tribes), white residents, residents of color, and Asians. White people in South Africa are descendants of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and France.

In South Africa, it often happens due to political upheavals of apartheid. The people of the restive South Africa to obtain equal rights with whites.

South Africa Country Profile: Nature, culture, the economy, population and form of Government

In 1991 the population of South Africa ± 40,600,000 and a population density of 36 per square kilometer. Population growth South Africa 2.4% annually. The language of the inhabitants of South Africa is the language of Afrikaans, the United Kingdom, and AIDS. Religion is alive and thriving in South Africa are Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. In South Africa, there are also traditional beliefs.

F. Governance

South Africa is a country shaped the Republic. Heads of State of South Africa ruled by a President. South Africa divided into four provinces, namely

1. The province of Natal,
2. The province of Transvaal,
3. Orange Free State,
4. Province of the Cape of good hope.