South Africa Coat Of Arms

Coat of arms of the State-owned South Africa, first introduced at the time of independence the country South Africa. Precisely on April 27, 2000. The present coat of arms replaced the previous coat of arms, which has been used since 1910. As for the meaning of the image contained in the coat of arms of South Africa, that is as follows.

south africa coat of arm

  1. The emblem is composed of elements of the circle.
  2. Coat of arms of the shield forms the drums and inside are pictures of two men with Khoisan rock art styles. Both of the figures facing each other, symbolizing about mutual give greetings and unity. The figure represents the transition from the individual human being human social in the nation, the State, and the whole of humanity.
  3. Above the shield, there is a spear and knobkierie mutually aligned in the coat of arms, which represents about defense and authority. The spear and knobkierie are lying in the position, representing about peace.
  4. Motto! to e:/xarra//Ke, derived from Khoisan languages. The motto refers to a wide range of people, United. It has meaning to unify their thoughts and actions. Whereas, on a larger scale, as a rallying cry for a nation to unite though there is diversity.
  5. Wheat crops in the coat of arms symbolize South Africa about fertility, growth, and development.
  6. The Ivory elephant in South Africa symbolizes the coat of arms of wisdom, moderation, and immortality.
  7. The shield in the coat of arms of South Africa, representing about a vehicle for showing identity, at once a spiritual defense.
  8. The Protea symbolizes the King about the beauty of the country and the potential for developing nations to achieve the triumph of African countries.
  9. The Secretary bird is placed above the Protea Flower symbols which appear on the bird’s chest. The bird itself symbolizes the protection of the country against the enemy. Furthermore, as the bearer of a message from heaven, bird’s wings symbolize about the ability of Africans to ride. Meanwhile, gold color of the bird symbolizes about triumph.
  10. Sunrise in the coat of arms symbolizes South Africa about the triumph and glory, the energy, the source of life, of knowledge, and determination.

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