The culture of South Africa

south africa culture


Many festivals existed in South Africa namely:
Prickly Pear Festival – Eastern Cape Uitenhage. It held in late February or early March in Cuyler Hofstede agriculture museum near Uitenhage. This is the day of traditional foods such as ginger beer, pancakes, homemade jams, potjiekos, braai Grill fish and braai, rabbit chow and home-made puddings.

Also, the many festivals held in the country namely Cheese Festival, Cape Town Jazz Festival the Festival’s Klein Karoo region, Philippolis Witblits Festival, and much more


South Africa’s diverse specialties, from various parts of South Africa, chat is Typically salty dried meat (similar to jerky, although often used meat from different types of other Antelope or Deer.

Then there’s the Boerewors, a sausage baked. Then there’s the Potjiekos meat and made with vegetables and cooked over coals in the iron. In addition to food above more typical foods and drinks are there in South Africa like Mageu, Melktert, Umngqusho, Umqombothi, Mala Mogodu and others


Gumboot dance (or isicathulo) is an African dance that is performed by dancers wearing Wellington boots In South Africa. Shoes may be decorated with bells. This vote will be a code or a different call to say something to another person who is close enough. It’s mainly used as a language in the field of mining.

Also, there is the Vokspele dance is a traditional dance of South Africa as well.


South Africa traditional clothes are worn, like the long gown for example. For, In South Africa known as Madiba shirt. Aso Oke fabric is a traditional African, mainly made from woven strips sewn together in the fashion of quilting. The fabric is then cut into the shape of the garment.

In the Eastern Cape, South Africa we find the Xhosa people, clothing styles popular a woman in the region is modern. Mbaco Clothes. Mbaco is one hundred percent cotton fabrics that come in three primary colors and traditional for the region: cream, red and orange.


A lot of fascinating historic buildings visited by the tourists are among them, the Castle of Good Hope was built between 1666 and 1679 by Netherlands East India Company, and including the oldest building in South Africa.

The next building is the castle that is a mix of medieval architecture and 17th-century buildings designed in the pentagons. The building consists of five Fort bearing the name of the rulers of the past. The Fort was used as a prison and warehouse … Also in South Afrika many other historic buildings namely Groot Constantia, the Bo-Kaap Museum, the National Gallery and the Museum of Gold, South Africa Africa.

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