37 Interesting Facts About South Africa

south africa fact

Here are the list of the Interesting Facts About South Africa.

  1. South Africa is one of the oldest countries in Africa
  2. Before becoming a State system of democracy, the country is criticized by people of the world with their old political “apartheid.”
  3. South Africa is the country with the largest white population in the Africa continent
  4. South Africa has 11 official languages.
  5. South Africa is famous around the world as one of the major producers of diamonds, gold, and platinum.
  6. Before 1910, South Africa divided into four main Republic.
  7. In 1961, the South African State official as the State system of the Republic of
  8. Before 1994, the right to follow the presidential race only to white society.
  9. Nelson Mandela is the first Black President of South Africa
  10. Nelson Mandela is a great fan of batik Indonesia.
  11. In South Africa, Indonesia batik on refers to as Mandela’s shirt, so that people there don’t dare to wear it.
  12. President South Africa holds the title, i.e., as head of State and head of Government.
  13. The main town in South Africa is Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria, Kimberley, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth
  14. South Africa adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean on the West Coast and the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean on the East Coast.
  15. the lowest Point is the Atlantic Ocean at 0 meters, and the highest is Njesuthi at 3408 m.
  16. South Africa’s climate Is Subtropical.
  17. Stock Exchange in Johannesburg to so great, never been in – 10 largest in the world.
  18. The industrial sector in South Africa is one of the largest in the world.
  19. South Africa ranked the world’s largest – 27 in terms of economy with a domestic Product Broto worth $254 billion.
  20. materials of the exported commodities including tool – machine tool, food and equipment, chemicals, equipment and scientific products.
  21. South Africa is the second largest fruit exporter in the world
  22. South Africa Produces 2/3 of electricity that existed in Africa.
  23. Most of the fossil Proto-mammals found in the Karoo region, South Africa.
  24. South Africa is one of the largest countries in the AIDS disease sector with 4, 79 million people who contract the disease.
  25. The South African currency is Rand.
  26. The Rand is the strongest currency against the U.S. dollar between 2002 and 2005 (Score Bloomberg Currency).
  27. The Government of South Africa’s blacks managed to reduce poverty from 42% in 1994 to 24% in 2003.
  28. The largest in South Africa are indigenous black that is 77%. The rest is white people, people of color (people of Asian or mixed-blooded) and also Indian.
  29. The period of education in South Africa is 13 years.
  30. Culture – the culture in South Africa based on the belief in the gods – God of the mighty and masculine, the power and spirit of the ancestors and – the power of invisibility.
  31. Polygamy is a common thing in South Africa.
  32. The Buffalo play a significant role in South Africa, namely as a symbol of wealth and animal sacrifices.
  33. Art of South Africa is the oldest cave paintings – caves and stone age 26,000 years in pictures by San Tribes.
  34. Crafts are popular in this country is a beaded bead – invented by the Zulu tribe.
  35. District Six is a multicultural area of Cape Town destroyed when the politics of Apartheid.
  36. The main food in this country usually leads to meats, such as steaks and sausages.There is also a vegetable stew and fried potatoes.
  37. The popular drink in this country is beer and brandy

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